Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Grape Harvest

I wrote about our grapes in June.
I took pictures of the grapes before Sweetheart cut them off the vines.
He did it while we were at the Muppet Meet
He sent me a picture with his phone so I didn't remember about these.
Again with the download I did last week I found them.

Our yard has been incredibly blessed this year with produce.
We are grateful for the production that they have given.

I really liked to look up and see the grapes hanging there.
The clumps were full and heavy with deliciousness.

They covered the 4 foot by 4 foot table. 
As a family we cleaned, sorted, picked of the stem, and juiced them.
Hurricane was given the choice of beverage and chose our grape juice.
He asked for a cheers before we drank then took a little sip.
He said, "This is took rich to drink quickly."
He's an insightful boy.

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