About This Blog

My Grandma Bodell took on average 5 newspapers a week over the course of 40 years plus. Some were daily papers and others were weekly papers. She read every single paper. She loved to cut out different articles, comics, crossword puzzles, and recipes. She stored these for her life time.
When she passed away, I asked for the 2 recipe boxes, multiple manila folders, and 2 recipe card books. This blog was started in an effort to get a glimpse into the foods she found yummy and worth saving. As with the evolution of all things has become a public forum for me to share the sugar and spice of my family.

With time this blog has changed. I have changed. The Lessons in my life have changed and I have broadened what I write about and share in this blog. It is more than recipes. It is about the lessons this Grandma taught me with the many new lessons I am learning each day.