Thursday, February 27, 2014

Flat Stanley

The boys' cousin asked if Flat Stanley could visit.
We thought to show Stanley a good time.
But Stanley ran straight into a Teddy Bear Cactus. He got stuck there for a minute.

Hurricane rescued him.

Underfoot stood by a Saguaro with 7 arms.
This is one old cactus.
Usually the arms grow after a 15-25 years.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Great Airplane Contest

The Great Paper Airplane Project was the destination this past weekend! 
Sweetheart learned about a paper airplane throwing contest 
for children ages 6-18 
from a co-worker held at the Air and Space Museum. 
Since Underfoot is of age, Sweetheart thought it would be great.

The contestant entrant was allowed to bring 
4 family members, have lunch (hot dogs, chips, and lemonade) 
with their family, get a t-shirt, and throw an airplane for free - no entry fee. 

 Underfoot threw his airplane and was done.

 He is talking about doing it again next year. 
Hurricane and Underfoot learned to fold airplanes. 
If any piece of paper is left unclaimed it becomes an airplane. 
Sweetheart loves airplanes. Our boys like airplanes. 
An airplane is awesome if it is taking me somewhere. 

 Mars International was one of the sponsors and brought 
a candy spinning wheel, a race car simulator, and a real race car. 
They boys loved the candy spinning wheel 
because they got 6 different types of candy each time they spun the wheel. 
So much easier than Halloween - 
no dressing up and no purchase necessary for Mom and Dad. 
Hurricane asked if the race car ran on M&M gas.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gilbert, Arizona Temple Open House

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is hosting an open house 
We decided to go as a family and invited our cousins and sister to go with us. 
At the temple, there is a video before a volunteer tour guide takes a group 
through to view the 4 story temple. 

Before entering the temple, little booties were put on each person's feet 
to help protect the white carpets through the building. 
Hurricane and Underfoot thought the booties were slippery on the marble floors.

The building and interior are beautiful with stain glass, paintings, and the colors.
I decided to take the boys back again to see the temple on a 1/2 day the next week.

We noticed the use of the agave plant 
throughout the flooring, stain glass, door knobs, hand railings, paintings, 
and even the water fall outside the temple. 

The agave has the older leaves on the outside to support the younger leaves on the inside. 
Similar to grandparents and parents 
supporting, teaching, and guiding 
their children as they grow up to support the next generation.

Underfoot loved the 18 foot chandelier in Celestial room
and the eternity mirrors (one mirror on this side, one mirror on that side of the room.)

Hurricane 's favorite rooms were the "baptize" room and "marriage" room.
The boys loved both adventures.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Flour War

Our nephew turned 12!

 He has "lengendary" birthday parties according to him.
We were visiting for his birthday and participated in the party.

 STEP 1 - Tie balloon to each other's ankles and try to pop the balloon.
Uncle Sweetheart had to get in on this action. 

 STEP 2 in the party - A Flour War 

 If you don't know about a flour war, this is the procedure.
1. Use old nylons or buy footie nylons.
2. Use old flour or buy new flour.
3. Double the nylon and then fill with flour.
4. Tie off the "ball" which is now ammunition.
5. Wear a dark color. Black is preferable.
6. Invite friends and throw them at each other.
7. If you play in the dark, it is a lot of fun.

Double the nylons if you don't want to lose a lot of flour and have more "hits".
Make sure you include your siblings. They will love you forever.
Hurricane caught a bug and slept on on and off for the day. 
He was awake for the flour war and would go and get the bombs 

Uncle T-Bone and Auntie M got into the action.
They hosted about 40 boys and neighbor children.
They all had a blast!

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Hurricane spiked a high fever and would sneak off to sleep.
Since we were visiting family in a different place,
the hide and seek game was not a fun one to play for me.
We attempted to cool him down by taking a tub.
He didn't want to tub so we bribed him with bubbles.

He wouldn't eat either.
He professes to be the sneak when it come to food.
He didn't try at all but would eat some of a banana.
The bug was a 24 hour bug. Glad he's better.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Yesterday we pruned our little orchard and vineyard. 
The work was exhausting. The boys carried limbs to the chipper and played. 
They so wanted to cut the trees. We tried to work together 
but listening to specific directions didn't work out so well.
Many times we mentioned how Grandpa Kirky has an orchard and loves to prune the trees. 
I told the boys my job was to pull the limbs too 
and when they grow up they can prune their own orchard. 
We are sore today from the squatting, lifted arms, and scratches on our arms. 
Next year we will all wear long sleeve shirts. 

Pruning makes such a difference to fruit output and makes the tree more beautiful.
Again we were reminded of a lesson of how God prunes us 
by giving us trials to help us be our best. 
The part I think I forget is that it takes work - 
a lot of work to be the best we need to be.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


A few stories from our life....
Hurricane decided that the Lego guy needed to go swimming.
The Lego guy ended up drowning in frosting.
He was rescued, washed off, and returned to his buddies.

This is a lemon from our tree.
We have had 2 lemon trees.
One froze and died.
The new tree has produced beautiful fruit.
The yellow was so happy it needed to be shared.