Wednesday, April 2, 2014


We bought a case of lemons.
Sweetheart loves lemons.

He especially likes lemonade.
We are made lemonade concentrate 
that we will enjoy throughout the summer.
I like my lemonade tart.
Sweetheart likes his sweet.

 Hurricane laid down on the couch
and fell asleep after the work.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


On our way back from the Grand Canyon,
we stopped at the Mesa Temple.
On the Temple Grounds, fruit trees are scattered on the whole lot.
Mostly citrus trees are there.

The temple has a fruit picker, and anyone can pick the fruit.
Hurricane wanted to pick the fruit.

Hurricane wanted to eat the fruit right then.
His reaction was awesome.
He likes grapefruit like his Mom likes grapefruit.

His pucker is super cute.
Even his eye pucks up.

Underfoot on the other hand likes grapefruit like his Dad.
He never puckers up. He eats grapefruit like an apple.

Grapefruit is one of his favorite treats.
What a great blessing to have such diverse boys.

Montezuma's Castle

On our way home from the Grand Canyon,
we stopped at Montezuma's Castle.

The boys want to take pictures all the time.
We are starting to let them take pictures of us.
I am actually in pictures now.....

Hurricane took this shot on our way back from getting our picture taken.
The picture was crooked. 
Thank goodness for PhotoShop.

The boys completed the Junior Ranger program.
Because of their ages, the boys had to do different requirements.

Montezuma's Castle is a little park.
The park was a nice break in our drive back.
We took about 1/2 an hour.

Hurricane came over to me and asked for his picture by this tree.
He posed himself and told me to take a lot of pictures.

We asked the boys if they would like to climb ladders to live in the wall.
The water, food, and everything else would need to be carried up as well.
The boys thought about it and thought it would be a lot of work,
and they would be tired at the end of every day.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Holding on for Dear Life - Mojave Point

We held onto to Hurricane with a death grip. He is like a bouncy ball. 
Underfoot is more conscious of his personal space and stayed a healthy distance from the edge.

Below is a series of pictures of me trying to keep Hurricane away from the edge.

Mojave Point

On the 2nd day at the Grand Canyon, we rode the bus to Mojave Point. 
N. was the boys constant companion.
He stuck with them to do the Junior Ranger badge.

When we arrived at Mojave Point, the boys took off.
The drop off is a cliff that drops for hundreds of feet.
Needless to say my heart skipped a lot of beats trying
to keep up with Hurricane.
I decided to take a picture of myself.

Later we hiked the rim trail 
from Hermit Road to the Amphitheater then to Mather Point.
Hurricane looked at the coins in pavement.

He asked me for a knife to dig out the coins.
The coins are marking the trail for marking time.

Grand Canyon Exit

We had two full days in the Grand Canyon. 
At the exit, we swapped taking pictures with other people.
We got a family picture taken.

The 3 men in my life.
They are all smiling and very handsome.

The trip was a lot of fun.
Boys watched The 3 Stooges
S'mores were had each night.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hermit Road - Hopi Point

Our first day at the Grand Canyon, 
we biked up Hermit Road.
The boys did it on their one geared bikes.

Sweetheart and Hurricane stayed together, 
and Underfoot and I stayed together.
We didn't know until we came down the hill that the grade is 6%.
Hurricane was super tired when we hit the first stop, Maricopa Point.

We ate lunch at Maricopa Point and then biked up to Hopi Point.
Hurricane refused to continue to the end of the road.
He was going back regardless of who went with them.

While at Hopi Point, we saw condors 
from a telescope from a researcher that was there.
The ride down was a lot faster than the ride up.
We returned to the cabin after our days adventure.