Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Summer Reading Program

Summer is right around the corner. Each summer we participate in a summer reading program. This summer we thought we learn about one of our ancestors and how far they walked. We have determined to read 2,000 pages for each of the miles that he traveled with the Mormon Battalion.

I grew up learning about Israel Evans who walked the 2,000 miles in Company B. He was stationed in San Diego after arriving in San Diego. He later was a captain of a handcart company. Lance, my husband, and I have talked about him. On his messenger at work, he had written "Israel Evans walked 5,000 miles." One day he was asked by a co-worker why Israel did that. He  responded, "Because he believed a prophet."

Before we went to the presentation, we looked up on Family Search to see if Lance had a member in the battalion. He did. His name was Riley Garner Clark. He was in Company A and was assigned to Los Angeles after arriving in San Diego. He eventually settled in Panguitch, Utah. We haven't learned much about him yet.

The only battle that the Mormon Battalion fought was against bulls south of Tucson. Their march took them through the desert in the winter.When they arrived in San Diego, most had no shoes, and their clothes were in tatters. After the presentation, the boys got to dress up and see different displays. We are glad we learned about our history.

This summer we will start our summer at the Mormon Battalion Visitor's Center in San Diego, CA. We will keep track of the pages we read. We hope that as a family we can meet the 2,000 miles. We haven't determine how we will celebrate when we reach our goal. Maybe we will built something like the soldiers did when they arrived in San Diego.

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