Thursday, January 7, 2016

Día de los Reyes Magos

The 3 Kings come for Christmas to our house.
Sweetheart served an LDS mission in Spain, and I served in Panamá.
Part of the countries' traditions are the 3 Reyes Magos (the 3 Wise Men.)
We decided that the 3 Kings would come to our home instead of Santa.
For the first time we celebrated on Three Kings' Day.

On January 6 is the Day of Epiphany.
The 3 Kings came to bring gifts to the Christ Child 
after Mary and Joseph left the stable.
In Mexico and Spain, children put out their shoes the night before 
in hopes that the 3 Kings will come.  

The 3 Kings showed up and brought small treats to the children in the house.
Hurricane was very eager to wake up in the morning to see if the Kings had come.

In preparation, the boys wrote a note and prepared treats 
for the Kings and their animals.

The left note reads:
Thank you Three Kings.
There is cake and choclate milk in the frige.
Have some Joe-Joe's
and the water for your camels.

The right note reads:
1. Travel
2. Open door
3. Fill shoes
4. Repeat
5. Eat
6. Go

I are grateful for the example of the 3 Kings.
In my belief, they studied, pondered, and knew that a Savior would be born. 
They took action to follow the impressions they had to go on a journey to find him.
To travel as they did, they had money, intelligence, and most likely influence.
They didn't turn away when they saw where Jesus was living and gave freely of their gifts.
The Kings' example shows me their willingness 
to put their talents, things, and time to bless the Christ Child regardless of the sacrifice.
I can follow their example and use my talents, things, and time to do the same.

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