Thursday, December 26, 2013


Christmas morning is always met with great anticipation.
Once everyone wakes up.....

We were woken up by a call from Kirky and Jilli 
then rolled back over and went back to sleep.
Hurricane and Underfoot slept in until about 7:45.
Before leaving the bedroom, we have family scriptures
to discuss why we are celebrating Christmas in the first place.

Then 3 Kings made their appearance to the Hallelujah Chorus.
Handel's Messiah has been part of Christmas since growing up.

The 3 Kings aren't Santa.
When we began our family, 
we discussed if Santa would come to our home.
He doesn't.

Since Sweetheart served a mission in Spain, we opted for the 3 Kings.
They brought the gifts to Jesus.
And since we are celebrating the birth of Jesus, 
they are a part of our celebration.
They come on Christmas Day
and not on Three Kings Day (Day of Epiphany on January 6.)

It works for us.
The Kings bring 3 presents:
a gift of wonder, a gift of meaning, and a gift of usefulness.
Each gift has a purpose. 

Heather L. shared with me a document that her sister-in-law prepared.
We have taken from that and adapted it to our own Christmas.

 "Gift of Wonder"
(wrapped in gold-color wrapping)

This gift is a gift that would tickle and delight- A wanted toy, a fun new outfit for a teenage daughter, sports equipment…

A Gift of Wonder is wrapped in Fun!

Gold - The metal of Kings and symbol of a Celestial world 
because of it's refined purity.

Gold for the King of Kings

Gift of Meaning”
(Wrapped in red/burgundy-color wrapping)

The gift has meaning and expresses great affection. - A beautiful book, a quilt, a special doll, an heirloom, childhood mementos, a planned outing with a family member (ie theatre tickets), an adventure to create a memory, framed pictures/photographs, letters from the heart…

A Gift of Meaning wrapped from the Heart!

Frankincense is used in making incense burned on the temple altar 
and is a symbol of prayers arising connecting God and man.

Frankincense for the Mediator between God and man

“Gift of Usefulness”
(Wrapped in green-color wrapping)

The gift is to look at your loved ones needs and choose a gift that would be truly useful or needful—A new jacket/coat, skill development, hobby supplies, bedding, food storage items, items for 72 hour kits… Use this gift for something practical yet worthwhile.
A Gift of Usefulness Wrapped for Enjoying!

Myrrh is an aromatic gum to make incense, 
perfume and ointment for embalming.

                            Myrrh for the body that would be buried for us


When we are in public, people will ask if Santa is coming.
The boys respond that he doesn't come to our house.
The shocked or confused reactions are interesting
when the boys say no.
Then people's faces soften and listen to the boys response.
The boys explain that the 3 Kings come 
because they bring 3 presents instead of 1.


Our Christmas celebration was wonderful!

Underfoot asked and asked to go shopping with is OWN money. On Monday before Christmas, he FINALLY got to go shopping for his brother. He was thrilled with the chance to buy gifts for family members. He wanted to be very generous and was. He tried to find the perfect gift for Hurricane. It was his first experience in buying with his own money. 

Christmas Eve was fun with Grandpa and Grandma L. We went to supper, came home and did a Christmas Pie, and our Jesse Tree advent and then to bed.

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