Monday, June 29, 2015

Muppet Meet

The swim league was are in hosts a Muppet swim meet.
All the littles 8 years old and under are invited to participate in it.
Both boys signed up.
It was a Saturday event from 6:00 am to an unknown time.
This meet ended before 1:00 pm.

The heat winners are awarded a ring pop.
This is his first heat win this season.

He was enjoying himself so much
I think he smiled for the camera when he swam.

They swam backstroke and freestyle.
Underfoot didn't have a recorded breast stroke time yet.
He was a little bummed he didn't race that stroke.

A Mom on the team bought chupas for the each person who swam.
He decided to wait until he finished swimming to eat his.
This is where he stored it so no one would eat it or lose it.

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