Monday, August 17, 2015


We made an addition to our curb appeal. 
 See if you can tell the difference between the 2 photos.

This is when we bought our house over 7 years ago.
A LOT has changed in the front yard since this picture was taken.
This place has been a wonderful haven for us as a family.

 Here are the differences:
  1. None of the original plants are in front. The tree on the right frozen to death. The tree in the front hit the roof and was planted on top of the sewer and water lines. The other plant was ugly.
  2. Aloe, lantana, lavender, rosemary, and mesquite trees are in the front yard.
  3. The mail box has moved 3 times.
  4. The Prius wasn't ours when we moved here.
  5. The red front door was painted later - not that you could see the original front door.
  6. We have a double gate on the right side and a single gate on the left side.
  7. The wall on the left side has been moved forward 20 feet or so.
  8. The sidewalk goes around to the side gate.
  9. A rock river is in place for water run off.
  10. The house has been painted - the same color.
And the most recent addition is the pavers.
Sweetheart and I have been talking about doing this for 3+ years.
I wanted a steps as defined from door welcome. He wanted an extra parking spot.
We made a compromise and got what we wanted - 
a defined entrance to the house and an additional parking spot. 
The men who did the work came on a 107+ degree day.

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