Friday, July 18, 2014

Flour War

Auntie M and T-Bone hold a flour war birthday party.

I asked Mr Fix-It if we should have one at the family reunion.
He was totally on board.
 He didn't help make the powder puffs,
but he sure liked the idea.

 If you don't know about a flour war, this is the procedure.
1. Use old nylons or buy footie nylons.
2. Use old flour or buy new flour.
3. Double the nylon and then fill with flour.
4. Tie off the "ball" which is now ammunition.
5. Wear a dark color. Black is preferable.
6. Invite friends and throw them at each other.
7. If you play in the dark, it is a lot of fun.

I asked friends for old nylons or tights that were run
or they didn't want anymore.

Tights don't work so well.
The weave is TOO tight and doesn't let out the flour easily.

We made 60 flour bombs 
so each family member could have 2 a piece to start.

Gito's Mom threw and threw and threw flour bombs.
She laughed hard and commented
how relaxing it was to hit people.

The Writer is an old pro.
She's Mr. Fix-It's sister.

Underfoot wanted to get his younger cousins.
Some of them didn't want to play and hide from the bigger people.

Grandpa got into the fun.
He laughed every time he threw.
His chuckle was a lot of fun.
He was really surprised when he got hit the first time.
T-Bone was prepared for the throw.
Sweetheart was scavanging for more.

Auntie M had little ones who would follower her like Angel.
Angel would hold the same bomb and bomp anyone in the bump.

Noodles at the end was all smiles.

I even got my picture taken.
I'm usually behind the lens.

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