Monday, January 27, 2014

Flour War

Our nephew turned 12!

 He has "lengendary" birthday parties according to him.
We were visiting for his birthday and participated in the party.

 STEP 1 - Tie balloon to each other's ankles and try to pop the balloon.
Sweetheart had to get in on this action. 

 STEP 2 in the party - A Flour War 

 If you don't know about a flour war, this is the procedure.
1. Use old nylons or buy footie nylons.
2. Use old flour or buy new flour.
3. Double the nylon and then fill with flour.
4. Tie off the "ball" which is now ammunition.
5. Wear a dark color. Black is preferable.
6. Invite friends and throw them at each other.
7. If you play in the dark, it is a lot of fun.

Double the nylons if you don't want to lose a lot of flour and have more "hits".
Make sure you include your siblings. They will love you forever.
Hurricane caught a bug and slept on and off for the day. 
He was awake for the flour war and would go and get the bombs 

T-Bone and Auntie M got into the action.
They hosted about 40 boys and neighbor children.
They all had a blast!

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