Friday, July 18, 2014

Emerald Bay and Fallen Leaf Lake

Destination was Emerald Bay, California.
Lake Tahoe straddles 2 states.

When we arrived at the parking lot,
the lot was full.
We parked on the shoulder.
Little children and hauling all our stuff on a busy road
caused for a few heart palpatations.

We hiked the mile to the bottom of the hill 
with a 500 foot elevation change.
We ate lunch, 
and Sweetheart sprung for kayaks to go to Fannette Island.

The lake water is uber clear. 
The boys jumped off the rocks on the island to the water.
Hurricane was thrown into the water by Sweetheart.
A lady yelled at Sweetheart that he better jump too
if he expected his little boy to do it.
Sweetheart jumped.

 We got back just as it started to rain.
Hiking out wasn't as easy as hiking down.
We took it nice and slow.
At the top were rocks to play on while we waited for the car.

We all packed up and drove to Fallen Leaf Lake.
It is down a one way road and off the beaten path.
Fallen Leaf Lake isn't connected to Lake Tahoe.

Any boat or water toys have to be checked because
of the invasive mussel.

The lake water was cold.
Underfoot swam from the raft to the dock.

The boys made the goal to tip the secured raft over.
There was much pushing and shoving off
especially by me.
I got in the water and swam.
It felt so good.

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