Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sand Bay Harbor

On our last day at the reunion, we went to Sand Bay Harbor.
This is one of Aunt Mimi's favorite place to go when at Lake Tahoe.

Gito gave up on reading a book and took up cards.
He would have Goldilocks' help.
She told everyone his cards.

Boys were taught how to catch craydads. 
They would catch them in bucket and then release them.

 Hurricane liked to catch them and them dump them.

Underfoot wanted to bring it home with us.
We didn't know how we'd keep the crawdad alive.

Mama Jane, Sweetheart, and Auntie M decided to read.
They had a chance to sit in a quietly for a few minutes.

T-Bone brought all his wetsuits.
Those that used them loved the heat from them.
He jumped the cliffs and snorkeled.

Here is the little cove we sat in.
The paddle board was used repeated by all.
Many jumped off the cliffs.
Sweetheart took me on the paddle board just by ourselves.

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