Sunday, June 16, 2013


I've been learning about training for events 
as I started to do a triathlon last fall.
We needed to train for the Yellowstone family reunion.
I wasn't going to carry my boys for any reason.
Part of our training program was to hike to Delicate Arch.

Delicate Arch is rated as a difficult hike.
It is 3 mile hike.
Underfoot was confident. 
We were trying a hike with hats and water.
The guide book says to carry at least 1 liter water per person.
We drank the water.
 Our Junior Ranger wanted to get his next badge.
He asked us to stop and get the packet.
We finished the packet and got the badge the next day!

There is no shade. 
We hiked on a high temperature day like in the high 90s.

One section of the trail is a 200 yard rock ledge.
Hurricane decided he'd like to walk along the edge.
He is pictured here holding the mountain.
The edge was 2 or so feet away.

After the edge, we came around the corner 
to a breeze strong winds and the Arch.
The area is shaped like a funnel with the Arch on one side of the rim.
The view and the sense of accomplishment are spectacular!

The drop is incredibly terrifying. 
We decided to walk out to be closer.
We held on to the boys' hands like they were glued to us. 

We enjoyed our time together.
Our boys were one of the youngest out there.
Other parents would say, 
"These boys are so little and they aren't complaining."


Sue said...

I've heard that's a good hike. Looks like you guys had fun!


Cyndy said...

YAY! I'm sure that hike is on our list too, thanks for sharing pictures.