Friday, June 14, 2013

Mars and Saturn's Rings

We left directly from Junior Ranger Camp
and picked up Sweetheart to go to Saturn.

I mean we left and drove to Lowell Observatory
and saw Mars, Saturn with its rings, and 3 of Saturn's moons.

The Observatory has a few hikes to show distances
in our solar system,
and universe.

When we arrived, we sat through a presentation.
Underfoot answered the presenter's questions.
Hurricane was a little restless and wanted to move.

The man is telling which way to turn on the hike
to go to the next part of the universe.

Amazingly they have benches just hanging out in the universe
because it is so large.

I wanted to prove I was there.

The display shows a space suit and other artifacts about trips to space.

After dawning the space suits, 
we voted and returned to the hotel
for a late night swim.
The pool didn't close until 11:00 pm.


Cyndy said...

So cool to see the rings!

I don't remember seeing the statue pointing the way and the space suits must be part of the rotating exhibit. UGH, it must mean we need to go back!

Sue said...

Pretty neat!