Sunday, June 16, 2013

Magic Anti-Whine Water

The day before we did a hard hike. 
Or so we thought. 

We hiked to the Y in Provo.
The 1.2 miles is all switch backs.
By the 3rd turn of 11 turns, 
I was done with his whining until his brilliant father saved us.
Sweetheart taught Underfoot by providing him with 


This water should be bottled and sold.
Or maybe just the magic of it should.
What a marvelous change in Underfoot 
from "I can't" to "Come on. Let's Go!"

After the fact and with food in all our bellies, I recognized
* that we were tired from traveling for hours in the car.
* that we were hungry.
* that we ascended from 4,550 feet to 8,520 feet above sea level.
* that the weather was hot.

All in all we hiked. 
The hike prepared us for Bunson Peak.

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Cyndy said...

The presentation of anything can make or break it! 4000ft climb?!!??!?! What a great check in your book of accomplishments!