Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bowling - 100 Year Old Tradition

Some where in the early 1900s, Martin Christensen introduced into the family bowling ONCE a year only New Year's Day.
My great-Grandparents continued the tradition with their children. The tradition continued to my maternal Grandparents to my Mom and now our family.

My Auntie Lyn sent a report to the Christensen family sharing:
After a few decade hiatus we are trying to pick it up again. We had a great, GREAT morning. They invented bumpers after I had mostly finished raising our children. Due to the lateness of this innovation Eric and I didn't carry on the bowling tradition with our little ones. Pay for 4 preschoolers to throw gutter balls all morning while I'm chasing them off of the lane - no thank you. Our health insurance didn't cover that much psychological post-bowling care.

Cousins then responded that the tradition is alive and well coast to coast in the United States. Since New Year's Day was Sunday we all went on Monday. I'll share a few of their responses.

"I don't think I've EVER had more fun bowling. Even if I was slaughtered by a 3 year. Next time maybe I'll try the Zoolander move after every bowl." ~ Nicol

"The Christensen tradition is still running strong in Southern Maryland. I have great memories of when we all younger and together enjoying this tradition." ~ Colleen
Southern Maryland
"The tradition is still hanging on in Northern California followed by chili and corn bread at the Christensen's home in California." ~ Todd
My favorite response was from my Auntie Ann, "Bumpers are all fine and good but I'm not playing unless they invent a ball that doesn't break your nails." Unfortunately I don't have a picture of them. It didn't come through on my email...
Look at the triumph in his face! He threw the ball all by himself. Around frame 5 he insisted on carrying his OWN ball, throw his OWN ball, and cheer for HIMSELF! What a determined boy!


Sue said...

We bowled, too, and the grandkids definitely enjoyed the bumpers!


Cyndy said...

I thought of you on Sunday and wondered...I am glad you guys went and had a good time. As much as we might enjoy it, I do still dread going and chasing, wrestling, and all the other fun stuff of this age and bowling brings. Love the coast to coast pictures!

The Best's said...

FUN times! That is a fun tradition to carry on!

mandyjanedesigns said...

Hi Wendy,

I saw one of your comments on Women in the Scriptures and I recognized you. I was in your singles ward for a little while. Katie was in the dorms with me and your Dad was bishop. I'm not sure if you remember me or not :). You have a really nice blog and it looks like your family is doing well. Your Dad was such an awesome bishop and your Mom was awesome too! Tell them hi for me! - Mandy (Van Etten) Williams