Friday, September 3, 2010

A Mother Heart

I believe that all women can nurture, guide, and direct. Not all women give birth, but many women become mothers because they choose to give of themselves and share their divine ability with the many that need them. Many women in my life have had what I call a mother heart. They are not my own Mother and have influenced and nurtured me to be better. When I married, I celebrated by hosting a luncheon in their honor. At the luncheon, I expressed to each one my gratitude and love for the time and care they had taken to love me. Some were my Sister, Grandmas, Aunties, and Cousins. Others were women older than I and some were my peers. To each, they instilled lessons for married and mothering life. I still think of them often and hope they feel and know of my love.

My own Mom loves her children so much that she will do anything in her power to help them learn and succeed. She stayed up most the night to help us finish a 50 U.S. States report in the 5th grade along with countless other homework assignments. She yells at the top of her lungs so my brothers could hear her when they were playing sports. She even once lifted the car that got stuck to get my brother to the Doctor before he had his appendix out.

I want to highlight a few women that have shown to be their mother heart when I have been lonely and needed a hand to lift me up. Some have come for a brief moment and others we should be hammering out things for eternity.


Mimi is my sister-in-law. When I married in the family and as the family got to know me better, they said I was like Mimi. We like to bake, cook, sew, and watch old movies as well as plan wonderful trips. As I learned my married family dynamics, I would often call up Mimi and ask, "Can you explain this to me?" and she would. Often. She offers her contagious laugh as I relate how my boys put toys, toothpaste, and other things in the toilet or other daring deeds happen around our home.

My Girls (Shaulan, me, Hannah, & Mindy)

When I started college, these girls and I went in an assigned home evening group together. We played, laughed, sometimes studied, analyzed boys, ate a plethora of Oreo cookies, had a totally awesome water fight in our dorm room as Mindy was on-duty as the RA, and had many different adventures together. We once did a plan of who would do what first. I always said I would go on a mission and marry last. (I wanted to go on a mission so much I bought a nice fake wedding ring and wore it on my left hand.) I accomplished both of those goals - a mission and marrying last. We each have married and lived all over the world. When I married, they ALL came from wherever they were. They honored me to take the time and sacrifice. When one of us needs each other, the Spirit quietly whispers, "You might want to call so and so. She needs you now." It has come time and time again.

Who has been a woman of influence for you and shown you their mother heart?


Jocelyn Christensen said...

That was really neat to read! How blessed you are with such wonderful women in your life with such Mother hearts!

Let's see...I too have had many, but I'll have to sit a while and list them all. You are one of them for sure!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Other than my own mother, of course....

My mother-in-law is one woman who has a true mother heart. She is so tender and sweet to everyone! I love her dearly.

Shaulan and McKay said...

That is so generous of you! Thank you for the kind words. It's wonderful to recognize the people in our lives that we are connected to spiritually- just as the four of us are from Ricks. I am blessed with many "mother hearts" in my life. It's a beautiful thing!

Laura@livingabigstory said...

My MIL has become such an incredible influence to me, especially since the death of my mom.