Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Auntie Lyn

This is my Auntie Lyn. She took time to count with Underfoot. She has nicknamed each of her grandchildren with the letter B - Button, Bubba, Boo, Bear, and so forth. I wish I could remember all her sweet names.
I thought this is a sweet picture. When we went on our surprise trip, my SIL hosted a baby shower for my sister (who will have her first baby in June). My Auntie and Cousin Nicol came from Utah for the party. I wish this picture showed who she is.

She is:
  • A wife. Her Sweetheart loves her so much that he uses words when necessary.
  • A mother of 7 wonderful children. 
  • A quilter. Her quilts are pieces of art.
  • A hard worker. Her motto is "Leave it better than you found it."
  • A photographer. She says if a picture isn't taken than it really didn't happen.
  • A versed medical advocate especially for her children.
  • One of the most organized people I know. She wrote out how she wanted jobs performed for her children and had it posted. The jobs always seemed to be done with perfection or close to it. This always impressed me. Especially when I used the bathroom.
  • And so many more things.
After being with my Auntie for an afternoon, I was reminded of how much I appreciate her. Just thought I'd let others know too.


Nicol said...

She's also an excellent writer and public speaker, nurturer, frosting maker, cake maker, memory maker and friend. Most importantly she is a woman of righteous influence who encourages others to reach their potential just by being in her presence. How lucky am I that shes my mom?

Sue said...

She sounds like a great lady!