Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First Hair Cut

My Hurricane started to look a little disheveled because his hair was a little too thin. He was starting to get curls at the back of his head.

I put the hair into three pony tails. One for me and one for each Grandma.

He wasn't completely sure about it at first.

But he let me cut it.

He then wanted to look at the clipped hair.

The end product. He was very pleased with himself.


Cyndy said...

YEA for the hair cut, not that I would say he needed it. Just one of those milestones. I have chosen to embrace the wild frock on the toddler's head as a statement...depending on the day, determines the statement. :)

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Looking good!!!

Kris said...

That first haircut always turns them into such big kids. Sigh....

Sue said...

That last picture of him is priceless.


The Best's said...

What a good sport my boys hate to have their hair cut and they both are so long it is everywhere!