Sunday, January 22, 2012

Creative Dating or Family Activities

We have a goal to do a date once a week this year. So far we are 3 for 3! YEAH!!!

Here are 100 date ideas. Some are free.

1. Go scuba diving
2. Play cops and robbers on horseback
3. Walk all the dogs in the neighborhood
4. Go rabbit or rat hunting
5. Go for a bike ride
6. Sand mumping or icing
7. Swing at the park
8. Ricket your own house
9. Fire escape sitting or jumping and swinging
10. Mountain climbing
11. Water balloon fight
12. Glacier sliding
13. Go tubing down a stream
14. Race toy trains
15. Roller skate or skate boarding
16. Build a dam in a stream or gutter
17. Paint a barn or house
18. Make mud pies and eat or throw
19. Take a midnight hike with flashlights
20. Go bug collecting
21. Take sunrise hike with breakfast
22. Snipe hunting
23. Tip toe through the sprinklers
24. Ride a jeep to the top of a mountain and cook dinner
25. Go duck hunting
26. Have a scavenger hunt
27. Garage or house clean
28. Rent hondas (4-wheelers)
29. Hayride and hootenanny
30. Go caving and exploring
31. Kite making and then flying
32. Climb trees
33. Create out of dirt, sand play
34. Go catch frogs and then have a frog jumping contest
35. Go to a drive-in in a truck and have a candlelight dinner in the back
36. Rent a truck (moving van) and have a party inside
37. Take a sight seeing tour of your city
38. Visit a fish hatchery
39. Go bird watching at the Aviary
40. Play pool
41. Skiing
42. Play ping pong
43. Play tennis
44. Moonlight strolls
45. Picnic
46. Play catch
47. Go for drives around or in mountains
48. Fix dinner and watch movie
49. Go antiquing
50. Go on the merry-go-round
51. Visit travel agencies
52. Walk through the fog (rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc.)
53. Have a "Lost Ten Tribes" dinner party, Judah brings meat, Levi brings salad, Ephraim brings dessert, etc.
54. Go to the hotel and watch T.V. with sedate members of society
55. Go through an old junk drawer
56. Bottle fruit
57. Watch trains or planes come in
58. Wash cars
59. Color in coloring books
60. Go pumpkin caroling
61. Go to drive-in with date and younger brother or sister
62. Play kick the can
63. Pull taffy
64. Put together model cars
65. Play people watching
66. Take little children to the zoo
67. Baby-sitting
68. Free concerts, museums, etc.
69. Entertain at hospitals
70. Study sessions
71. Home-made light shows
72. Plan tournaments--Jacks, tennis, tiddlywinks, etc
73. Throw frisbees
74. Early morning game of tennis and breakfast before work
75. teach how to make bread
76. Start a Sunday night study group
77. Go to a baseball game late (You might get in free.)
78. Go fishing
79. Frog jumping contest
80. Write letters
81. Play football in the park
82. Jump on the sand dunes
83. Hiking
84. Have a street dance
85. Roller skating
86. Watermelon bust
87. Swing in the park
88. Miniature golf
89. Play cowboys and Indians
90. Boys cook dinner for the girls
91. Christmas caroling (in August or December)
92. Cook pancakes and watch cartoons
93. Find ghost houses
94. Go tubing or icing
95. Go water skiing
96. Put butcher paper on tables and finger paint with chocolate pudding
97. Weed a garden or plant seeds/garden
98. Make cookies and then take them to the neighbors
99. Have a pig party by tying people's wrists together and serving spaghetti without forks
100. Do murals on the sidewalk with chalk


Kris said...

I'd love to try some of these, but that means that I'd have to have a hubby that was actually home, right? Boo.

I hope you guys have fun trying them all out, though!

Cyndy said...

Love it! Maybe we should make a goal of once or month...or due to eh, work issues, 6 dates this year. ;) Maybe I missed it in the list, but the first of 2 dates we had last year was buying a van. Oh wait, I think we had 3 dates, and one included shopping at a home improvement store...our dates end up expensive so maybe that's why we avoid them. Enjoy your dates! Question, dates that are childless? Or do family dates count too?