Sunday, January 22, 2012


At the Zoo
At the Zoo
My parents came at the beginning of January. They decided to make a kitchen make over. The bench they made just was placed and so I want to reveal the makeover. Here are the after shots. I didn't take any before pictures. The amazing part is they built a bench to hold our 5-gallon food buckets of flour, sugar, chocolate. Everyone should have a chocolate bucket.

Thanks for the make over!!!
My Mom's Designer's Touch - No Before action shots

Four New Items - A Fan/Light, Blind, Plate, and Sign above door

Installing the bench

New Bench - Hiding Place for the Food Buckets

Rather Long and Large - It holds 9 5-Gallon buckets.


Kris said...

OK- when Lance said "bench", I was thinking a simple board over the top or something. That is beautiful!!! Congrats on your pretty, organized, useful kitchen!

Rachel said...

The boys are growing up, so cute and handsome. Its fun to see the green grass and sunshine on their faces. The bench really is awesome.