Wednesday, October 28, 2015

State Signs

We stopped when we could 
to take a picture next the "Welcome" sign to each state.

When we left on our trip,
Hurricane had been to 8 states.
He had never been to New Mexico.

Still on our first day we made it to Texas!
Texas had a great pull off area to take a picture
so grateful for the wider pull off.

The next day we drove into Oklahoma!
There wasn't a sign on the freeway,
or if there was, I missed it.
The rest area was great 
with a Welcome Center, clean bathrooms, and activity books for children.

And because we weren't on a freeway,
I let the boys take a picture of me.
When we drove into Kansas,
it was dark.

Then we drove into Missouri on the 3rd day,
the state line sign was on the middle of a bridge.
No way to stop.

After being at Katie's house for a few day,
we drove to Iowa to spend the night.
We missed the Welcome sign in the dark.
But the next morning after crossing the Mississippi River,
we were welcomed to Illinois!

 Again we crossed into Missouri over a bridge,
and there was no Welcome sign.

When we left Aunt Katie's house,
we crossed into Kansas and no sign.
But when we got to Colorado, 
we took a picture in Colorado and then flipped
around on the freeway and took a picture in Kansas.

As we drove through Kansas, 
we saw fields and fields of sunflowers 
in various stages of bloom.
Underfoot picked a flower because they wanted to show their love.

Another family was at the sign.
I took their picture, and they took our picture.
It is the only picture we are all together in.

Hurricane noticed the sunset and asked me to take a picture.
So this is at the end of the trip. It was beautiful!

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