Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day One: New Mexico, Texas, New Mexico, Texas

For fall break, we decided to go and see my sister, Katie. 
Since I was sick earlier in the year, 
Sweetheart took time off to take care of me.
Because of his care, he used his vacation time
and couldn't join us on our adventures.
He saluted us as we left per Hoggan family tradition.

On our first day we traveled through New Mexico.
This was Hurricane's first time here. 
We stopped for lunch and continued onward.
I forgot about time zone changes when planning
and could have left earlier to see a few things.
We crossed into Texas and drove through El Paso.
Little did I know that the freeway is very close to the boarder of Mexico.
I was struck with the thought the housing looked 
very Mexican on one side and on the other side of the freeway looked American.
I learned later that it was in fact Mexico.

We drove to see the bats fly at Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico.
We arrived in time to see the bats fly and to hear the Park Ranger presentation.
The Ranger took questions from the audience, 
and Underfoot wowed me with his bat knowledge 
as he responded to questions from the Ranger.
The bats leave the cave and fly in 7 circles before breaking off the cave.
The audience is asked to be quiet throughout the flight.
Hundreds (if not thousands of bats) flew. No pictures are allowed of the event.
We jumped back into the car and drove to Lubbock, Texas to sleep.

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