Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Blessing Outfit

Our nephew, The Great Bambino, will be making his appearance in December 2015.
Our boys wore the same blessing outfit that their Uncle Aaron was blessed.
Aaron and Rachel live in Mexico right now.

Yesterday I pulled out the blessing that these 3 shared. 
All of them have grown and can't wear this outfit any more.
The boys posed with their shared outfit.

Underfoot has grown.
He is tenderhearted, happy, and excited to live life.
He is curious about the stars and how things work.

This boy is now grown up.
He loves his family and is excited for a new cousin.
When he was blessed, he was too big for the outfit,
but we used rubber bands on the button holes in the back.

Hurricane was blessed 4 days after he was born.
Uncle Aaron drove from Idaho 
with Grandpa Kirky, Aunt Katie, and Uncle Shaun
for his baby blessing.
They did the trip in less than 72 hours.
We were thrilled to have them here!

And this boy has grown up.
He is curious, witty, and loving boy.
He continues to develop his personality.
 We are thankful for his hope and cheerfulness.

Our sons are growing up.
We loved when they were babies.
They are changing and developing every day. 
Their blessing outfit brought back sweet memories.
We know that Aaron and Rachel will make 
wonderful memories with their Great Bambino.

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