Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Provident Living: September

"There is no individual in the Church that knows the real purpose for which the program then launched had been intended, but hardly before the Church has made sufficient preparation, that reason will be made manifest, and when it comes it will challenge every resource of the Church to meet it."
Harold B. Lee (Conference Report, Apr. 1941, 120–22)

Spiritual Goal: Have family scripture study together every day.

Provident Living Goal: Review your will if you have one. Make necessary changes, if you do not have a will, make arrangements to draft one, "EVERY" adult should have a will. Plan and carry out a Family Home Evening on the importance of preparedness.

Storage Goal: 
  • 10 #10 cans powdered milk/person (35 lbs)
  • 25 pounds canned or dried potatoes/person
  • 50 quarts fruit or tomato juice/person
72 Hour Kit:
Each person needs:
  • 1 lb. dried fruit or trail mix
  • 1pkg. graham crackers
  • 1 pkg. crackers
  • 2 liters juice
NOTE: rotate these items every six months - see March

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