Saturday, September 5, 2015

I Built a Garden.

I worked in Underfoot's classroom.
His original teacher found other employment 1 week before school started.
He had a permanent substitute assigned to his class.
Mrs. Gossen thought she'd be there for the whole first quarter.
After 2 weeks, the school hired a teacher 
who had moved away and then returned to the area.

She didn't have a chance to put her classroom together like she hoped.
She asked if I would make flowers for their reading chart.
I made a daisy, lilacs, a waterlily, a stock of columbine, 
a daffodil, a sunflower, a goofy tulip, and two made up flowers.

I don't see myself as very crafty, but I think this turned out cute.

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Hilary said...

You did a great job! Thanks for beautifying their classroom!