Monday, August 10, 2015

Monster Triathlon

The boys completed their 3rd triathlon.
They were excited to participate again.

This is the first year that 
Hurricane and Underfoot competed in the same category.
Hurricane was excited to race against his brother.

Underfoot was excited before his race started.
He made a lot of faces.

He swam quickly.
He and his brother collided in the pool.

He was cautious on his bike.
He didn't want to go too quickly.

By the time he did the run, he was tired.
He crossed the finish line and was happy.

Hurricane was calm before the race.
He was tired because we got up so early.

He swam the 50 meters with no problem.
He did the swim in 2:09 minutes.

Hurricane was to stay with Underfoot for the ride.
He came in riding about 1 1/2 minutes before his brother.

He ran the most of the way.
He was so happy that he beat his brother.


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