Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Boys' Triathlon

On Hurricane's birthday, a children's triathlon was held for children ages 3 - 18.
Both boys participated in swimming, biking, and running.
Hurricane swam 25 meters.
He used his go-cart for his bike.
He nearly ran over the adults that were helping.

He then ran.
His shirt says,
"Triathletes ROCK!"
Underfoot swam 50 meters.
He rode 1 mile.
A parent could run with him if he wanted.
He said he could do it on his own.
He came back and said he only fell once.

He ran 1/2 mile.

He loves attention from friends.
He ran faster as people cheered for him.
Here are the boys with their swag.
These are the boys and girl who did the race.
They each did great!
Here is the support staff!
Our shirts even say so.....


Sue said...

SUPER fun idea! And the shirts top it of perfectly.


Cyndy said...


Kris said...

ACK!!! This was SO much fun!!! Can't wait for next year.