Sunday, August 9, 2015

Family Birthday

We celebrated our family birthday this weekend. 
Because it was a decade, we decide to go to fun place for supper.
The destination was The Melting Pot.
Hurricane said he liked only the first and last course of meal.
Cheese and Chocolate....
Underfoot was excited to cook raviolis, chicken, and salmon.
His skewer didn't hold the ravioli well. 

After super, we went to urgent care for an ear infection I've had.
Hurricane came in with me because he was concerned.
The receptionist talked to him and asked why he was so dressed up.
We explained that we celebrate a family birthday every year.
She didn't understand at first 
because she thought the birthday was for an individual. 

I explained that it was our anniversary,
and we have a family birthday party for the creation of our family.
She thought about it and replied,
"I got chills from that. Not many in 2015 think family is important."
When we left, she asked if she could share the idea.

Our children know they are a critical part in our family.
Our wedding day was the beginning of our family.
We want to celebrate by having a family birthday party!


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