Monday, October 6, 2014


We went to Xcaret.

Xcaret is a ruin that has been turned into 
an amusement and educational park 
to have fun and teach about the Mayan and Mexican cultures.

A rain storm greeted us, 
and we got soaked even before going into the underground river. 
The water was cold. 
I think the boys really liked the underground river.

Jilli taught the boys about Mayan every day life.

 The boys got out of the water cold, 
and we walked around to help them warm up.
Lunch was included in our entry fee.
We ate a lot and with full bellies boys went to sleep.

The buffet was good. We all ate a lot.

 We woke up boys and went to see huge turtles, dolphins, sharks, and lots of fish.

These turtles were only 20 years old.

 They do a Mayan presentation with dancing.
The dancers have body paint of different animals.

In the middle of the fire circle is a man under the turtle's shell.

Hurricane stayed with us.
Hurricane made everyone nervous watching the Mayan dancing on the edge of the ledge.

Because of the rain, I got a blister on my foot. 
Underfoot got a blister on the edge of his heel.
Mama shared crackers with a lady whose baby was crying. 

 In the evening is a presentation of the ball game, fire hockey, 
the Spaniards' invasion, and cultural dances from the different states in Mexico.

 There were lots of music and the long day ended after the spectacular.

The boys loved scanning their wrists to take photos. 
By the end of the day we both wanted to be dry.

Today we gained an appreciation for the stresses of the mission president. 
He was on the phone all day dealing with many issues.

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