Monday, October 6, 2014

Underfoot's Pictures of Cancun

Underfoot has his own style too.

Underfoot had the window seat for the first flight.
We are coming into Dallas.

Goofy was found on the floor at the Dallas Airport.
He came with us on the rest of our journey.

After driving around in the car, we went to the beach.
The toys were a lot of fun.

Ek-Balam is a newer uncovered set of ruins.
Here is a picture of from the entrance to the main city.

This is on the main pyramid of the Ek-Balam.

Here is the entrance gate to Ek-Balam.

Chichen Itza was nearly visitor free when it opened.

At the main pyramid

He is pointing at Lunch.
It almost looks like his finger is in Lunch's mouth.

Underfoot and Sweetheart pose for a shot.

Our astronomy lover poses in front of the observatory.

Sister Mena is attempting to learn English.
Underfoot sat and talked with her in English for about 30 minutes.

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