Monday, October 6, 2014

Ek-Balam and Vallodolid

Hurricane came crawled bed with us after the sun came up, and we slept in until 9:00 am. The boys swam in pool. When they came in the house, they slipped and fell, and Hermama Nora, the mission home house keeper, brought them to our bedroom.

We packed to go to Valladolid. My parents had a companionship phone because they are down on how many missionary companionships they have right now.They let us use the phone for our visit. While we were packing, the phone was missing. Mama had a meltdown because she wanted to be responsible and felt awful that it was missing. Jilli had gathered the phone the day before when boys pulled it out at Xcaret to play games on it. There were no games on the phone. Jilli never told us and neither did Underfoot. The whole issue got resolved when Underfoot told us the next day.

We left a little before noon traveled to Ek Balam,
and the boys rode with Kirky and Jilli for the day.

 Ek Balam is a recent uncovered site (15 yrs approx.). 
Tourists may still climb the pyramid. The pyramid is very steep. 

The whole family climbed to the top.

 Boys got nervous climbing pyramid. 
Kirky and Jilli shared insights about the site structure and significance.

 Ek Balam has 3 fences around to enter the center of the city.
To climb up this structure, you need to lean forward onto your knees.

The houses around the main pyramid are a good size.

When we left Ek Balam, the boys were hungry.
We went to get cold coconuts,
but the vender was missing in action.
We traveled to Vallodolid to the cenote. 
The boys swam in the cenote, 
Sweetheart and I didn't want to because of fish and slime. 

 We probably missed out. 
We ate supper family style at a restaurant over looking the cenote.

We went to fill the car up with gas.
The debit card didn't work.
At the gas stations, 
the cards work only about 1/2 the time we learned later.

After checking into the hotel, we had problem getting out cash from 2 ATMs. Sweetheart put the wrong pin in and flagged the account to close it. We called the international number to resolve the issue and got cash.  We walked around the plaza and bought ice cream and a book. To wind down, we watched comedy sketches of  Tim Conway and Carol Burnett - No Frills Airlines and The Dentist. The boys laughed.

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