Thursday, October 9, 2014

Chichen Itza

We got up really early like 6:30 am, got ready, and left for Chichen Itza. 
The doors opened at 8 am. 
We arrived at 8:30 am and took the free road instead of the toll road. 

Kukulcan (Mayan) or El Castillo (Spaniards)
The boys have talked about going to Chitzen Itza
since they found out we were going to Mexico. 
We saw all of it. 

The Ball Court
Hurricane had an almost accident in his pants, 
but pooped in the jungle with Sweetheart's assistance. 
We walked to all parts. 

A posed picture
The boys saw an iguana that we named Dinner and took many pictures of it. 
The public baths didn't have toilet paper so glad I brought wipes. 

The Observatory
We got 2 great pictures taken in front of the Observatory and El Castillo (top picture.) 
The boys wanted a chess set and jaguar whistle. 
Sweetheart negotiated for them and was happy about the price.

Next to the Sacred Cenote
We were leaving when most of the crowds started to arrive at 12:30 pm. 
We drove back to Valladolid. 
We hung out at the chapel for 2+ hours 
while missionaries talked with President Kirkham. 

Dinner is sitting on the snake's head.
We returned to shop at the plaza where 
my Mom bought me a fabulous shirt of sunflowers.
She bought hand stitched handkerchiefs from Antonia.
When I was about 10 or so, our family visited. I stood on the edge of the rim of the cenote. It is now fenced off.
We ate at a buffet and returned to Cancun. 
On the way we talked about branding our family 
and decided in part on a poem from Great-Grandpa Kirkham. 

They fell asleep from Valladolid to Cancun.
We had trouble getting 
through the gate at the community where my parents live. 
Sweetheart and my Dad resolved it.
After arriving, Hurricane swam and Underfoot played chess. 
I got laundry done and watched the LDS Women's Meeting with my mom. 

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