Monday, October 13, 2014

Glass Bottomed Boat and Costco

Today we started getting ready to go back to Tucson. 
We went to a Mayan museum. 

The boys and hubby were tired.
The museum had an indoor part
with pottery and skeletons.

 The outdoor part of the museum is manicured paths.
They wrap around the different builtings 
that were mostly likely part of the port of Cancun for the Mayans.

We then went to the glass bottomed boat to see the underwater museum.
The boat wouldn't start when we first got on.
The captain hot wired the boat so it would start.
Underfoot, Hurricane, and I snorkeled. 
Underfoot came back to the boat after swimming a bit, 
but Hurricane stayed out with me the whole time.

Mama didn't feel well on the boat. 
She gets sea sick but thrown in the salmonella 
and that's quite a combination for a boat. 
The boat captain looked at her and asked if she wanted to vomit.
He put a cool rag on her neck and dumped water all over her head. 
She never ralphed for the fishes.

Before we went to the museum we stopped at Costco to get pictures made. 
Mama asked her siblings to send photos. 
She wanted to update the photos her parents had in the mission home.
Dark Hair, Superman, Liv, Mama J, Spice
Dark Hair, Spice, Mama J, Liv, Superman
Doc, Sunshine, SisterSuzy
Doc, Sunshine, SisterSuzy
Mr. Awesome and Sweetness
After the glass bottomed boat we went to a little flea market.
Mama got three t shirts for us boys and a ladle holder. 
She looked for a dress for herself but didn't find one.

On the 2nd round at Costco we got the pictures and dinner. 
I am so grateful for fresh fruit and veggies. 
The most common fruits here are pineapple, papaya, jicama, and watermelon.
There are not many vegetables. None were very good.
For dinner we ate salad and blueberries and raspberries. 
They were delicious, and the first good produce we´ve eaten while here. 
We have made some really good memories.

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