Monday, October 13, 2014

Cancun to Dallas to Home

Our last morning was bitter sweet. 
This experience has been eye opening. 

We said our goodbyes after finishing our packing. 
We hugged and were saluted as we drove away. 
We are THANKFUL we came to see 
and have a clearer image of what Kirky and Jilli are doing.

We miss them as they in turn miss us.
We love them even more.

 We drove to the airport, returned the car,
boarded the plane and flew away.

We flew to Dallas. 
Dallas had been drenched delaying our flight by 3 hours.
We got into home VERY LATE and very tired.

My parents are busy with the lives of over 130 missionaries,  the people in the assigned mission areas,  and the ecclesiastical leaders serving there as well. At times, they are talking the different missionaries' parents, bishops, and stake presidents. That's a lot of people.

Kirky and Jilli are not on vacation. 

Sweetheart wrote to his mission president, Derk Pelton, after we have returned home. President Pelton replied back and shared this insight.
Every mission is unique with its own set of challenges and blessings.We had several visitors while in Spain, but it was always with the caveat or clear understanding that they were welcome to come join in the activities of the Mission Life, but that we had no time to be tour guides and there were no vacation days in our benefits plan.  Most took that and fit right in, some didn't quite believe it until they were there and found out they either got on the wagon or got left behind.
We found that to be very true. Kirky and Jilli miss their family more than they want to say because they are focused on their current path. I wanted to go and see if my parents were okay. When I would talk with them on the phone I was concerned because they sounded so overwhelmed.

They are immersed fully and totally in what they are doing. Hopefully we fit into the "Mission Life" while we were there.

Thank you for letting us come!!!

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