Monday, October 13, 2014

Beach, Tulum, and Coba

The day started with a continental breakfast provided by the hotel. 
Hurricane was very independent getting his food and leaving. 
Underfoot was obedient by staying closer. 

After breakfast, Sweetheart took the boys to the beach.  
They built a sand castle and snorkeled and swam. 

Underfoot loved to sit in the surf.
He would just sit down and float.

Hurricane built a castle that he wanted to buried in.
After he was buried, he wanted to break out.

I started the day with a upset stomach 
and joined the group when the diarrhea stopped.
Unfortunately, I got a stomach bug that lasted the rest of the trip.

I took pictures and played. 

 We stayed the majority of the morning 
coming back to shower and get packed. 

Packing always takes longer than I think it should. 

We walked into Tulum almost a kilometer.
We started to tour the ruin on our own.

During the tour, we met a guide 
whose brother is a mission presidency counselor to my Dad. 
He took us on a tour. 
He asked the boys about the gospel 
and provided how Tulum could be what he said. 
Everyone has their own spin. 

He "gave" us 3 tree of life necklaces and1 jade. 
Sweetheart paid a handsome tip. 
We left feeling pretty good and took a taxi. 
We went to the grocery store for lunch and vanilla. 

We traveled to Coba. 
Once there we rented bikes and rode down to the temple. 

We climbed to the top.
Yet again I don't care for heights.

Ixmoja is the name of the pyramid.
The pyramid is the tallest in the Yucatan Peninsula.
 We rode back just before the park closed.
The bikes were great except the brakes didn't work too well.
Underfoot crashed into the jungle with no injury.
Hurricane decided he needed to race everyone there.

The 3 boys wanted to do the zip line just outside the park.
I said no. They cried and were disappointed.
I wanted to drive down the main street in Tulum just to see.
After that we returned to Cancun after dark.

When we arrived at the security gate,
the guard wanted to keep Sweetheart's license again.
Sweetheart told him no and asked for it back.
Sweetheart said, "Trick me once, shame on you.
Trick me twice, shame on me."

The boys swam in the pool until very late.

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