Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wonderful Hosts

Brothers are wonderful! 
Knowing how busy family life is 
and add to that a family business, 
I knew we might not get a lot of time 
with my brothers, their wives, or cousins.

For our trip, they bent over backwards for us.
Mama J threw a surprise birthday party for Sweetheart!
She brought decorations, balloons, cupcakes, and food galore!
Sweetness hosted at their home.
Before we arrived, they with the girls made sugar cookies to decorate!
What an unexpected treat!

They also made time to go to Lava Hot Springs, dinner, and time to talk.
During the birthday party, we facetimed with my sister and then my parents.
We were all together even though we were in different time zones.

Hurricane said goodbye to Miss Spice.
Both boys had a great time playing with their cousins.

As we were pulling out of town, we went to see Superman.
My brothers have certainly taken
on a large roles as my parents are serving a mission.
 They work many, many, many hours.
Both brothers took time to be with us as did their families
which is exactly what my Dad would do.
We were very grateful for the time they spent with us.

Superman jumped off the forklift to come to say goodbye.
His co-worker teased me for taking a pictures of him.
Superman apparently is ALWAYS taking pictures!
It must run in the family.....
Hurricane was thrilled that Superman would come talk to him. 
Superman told him to listen to his Mom
and when we come back he can drive a tractor again.

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