Monday, October 14, 2013

Exotic Crop

 Looking through the Burpee's catalog, 
we decided to try something exotic.

We picked peanuts.
Peanuts grow in the ground.
They are considered a legume. 
We didn't know if the plant would affect those who are allergic.
We didn't find out either.

The plant likes heat. Good things because there is a lot of that here.
The shells are soft when pulled out of the ground.
Hurricane liked to dig them up with the carrots.
Underfoot enjoyed digging with his own shovel to get the peanuts out.

The men are cleaning off the dirt before roasting the peanuts.
They are very good to eat and were super fun to grow.
They took 120+ days mostly because we didn't know when to pick them.
We are considering doing it again next year.

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