Monday, October 14, 2013

This is Jilli's house.....

Underfoot, Spice, Kirky, Hurricane, Liv, Jilli, Dark Hair

Liv is smart, spunky, and witty. The Sunday before we arrived in Idaho, my brothers had family supper together. Mr. Awesome and Sweetness live in my parents' home while they are on their mission. They are maintaining the property and house which is a HUGE undertaking.

Liv likes to eat what she likes to eat. She wasn't eating everything offered to her, and Mr. Awesome said, "Liv this is my house and you need to clean your plate of your food." Liv turned to him without missing a beat and said, "This is Jilli's house."

She open and closed the conversation with those 4 words.

I'm grateful that it is Mr. Awesome and Sweetness's house for now, and they are doing their best with the task given to them!

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