Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tri Again...

One year ago, I decided I need to stop pining away for a baby.
After multiple miscarriages, I was starting to go crazy.

One year ago
I found something hard to do.
Physically hard.
If my body wouldn't let me carry a baby,
I might as well work the muscles in a different way.

Eventually it helped my emotional heart as well.
I invited women around me to join me in a triathlon.
Many women came out of the wood work to participate in the race or support.

I wanted to see if I was any better than the year before.
I'd fallen off my bike more than I care to remember.
My ankle and knee still smarting I did the next race.

The morning was cold.
Too cold to stand around in a swimsuit.

My leg cramped in the middle of the swim, but I persevered. 

I swam a little slower than planned but faster than last year.
 Swimming is my favorite part usually of the whole event.

I asked Sweetheart to take pictures.
He followed me through transitions to take my picture. 

My boys ran the last bit of the race with me.

Hurricane insisted on "helping" me by holding my hand.
When he would trip, I would just haul him up and keep going.

They were super excited to cross the finish line.
So much so they thought they should get a medal.
They each went to the award's table and took the 1st place medal.
Hurricane went to the car with his medal without telling anyone where he went.
I wish I could stay his disappearing act is unusual but it isn't.
They both cried when they had to give the medals back.

I was a little faster.
So there was some improvement.

Andrea, Jackie, Me, Marilee
These are some of the lovely ladies that did it. 
Jackie did her first ever. Her family cheered her along the way! 


Sue said...

Well done! And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!


Cyndy said...

You're amazingly strong and just amazing!