Thursday, October 17, 2013

The 3 Kings Deliver

Last Christmas the 3 Kings brought Hurricane the promised gift of a train ride on a real train.
In his 2013 goals, he listed he wanted to go on a real train.
(He really wanted to go on a 100 real trains in 2013.)

The 3 Kings delivered train tickets while we were in Utah.
Underfoot was over the moon to go on the train.

The train went down Provo Canyon on the Heber Valley Railroad.
At Vivian Park, we were allowed to get off the train and walk around.

After boarding the train, the boys got back into the book they had been reading.
They read until the train started. They found their own seats and sat alone.

Part way through the ride, the train stops and 2 robbers get on the train to "rob" the passengers.
We were asked to put our hands up and empty our "goods."

The robber gave the children chocolate gold pieces.
The gold pieces didn't last very long.

On the ride, Sweetheart wanted to read his book. 
The ride was about 2 hours long.

Each boy spent time "reading" with their Dad. 
They just spent some quiet time together.

Hurricane wanted to take pictures with the camera.
He moved the camera so much most if not all the pictures were blurred.

Underfoot was willing to take multiple photos 
until we got a picture without me having a double chin.
The weather was beautiful.
The colors again were striking.

Hurricane prayed over and over again to have snow.
The snow came to the high mountains.

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Rachel said...

Love the Heber Valley Railroad! So glad you were able to ride the train and fulfill a wish.