Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Aly and Justin's Wedding

Aly, Sweetheart's niece, married while we were in Utah.

She looked beautiful when we saw her.

She married Justin in the rain.
Sweetheart's family came in great numbers.
Aly is the first to marry of all the grandchildren.
She married on her Grandparents' anniversary.

Maddy, Aly's sister, is planning on serving a mission in the next few months.
Sam is leaving on a mission in December.
From the way they are standing next to each other, 
we concluded they like each other.

The married Mr. and Mrs. moments after their life commitment to each other.
Miss Angel loved Aly and Aly's flowers. 
When Angel was given the opportunity to stand with Aly, she got incredibly shy.

Hurricane found the chocolate fountain.
He ate a good amount of fruit.
We aren't sure if any chocolate made it into his mouth.
He needed a little help to get to the sink. 
He had wiped his chocolated hand on his suit
starting at his knee going all the way to the collar of his shirt.

Uncle Beck and Aunt Mimi came for support.
If you every need over 300 cream puffs made,
call Aunt Mimi.

The cousins found an iPad.
They all huddled around it until the iPad went home with cousins.
Uncle T-Bone and Auntie M came from Arizona.
With the temperature change, Auntie M was grateful for Uncle T-Bone's warmth.

By the end of the evening, Jer-bear was using the boys 
as a mop as they attached themselves to his ankles. 
He swept the floor with their bodies. 
Good thing they only had chocolate covering their suits. 
There is a fine film of it on the floor.

We thought a family shot might be nice.
Multiple photos were taken.
This was the only one with Hurricane's mouth shut.


Sue said...

Aren't weddings fun? And I love your family photo!


Cyndy said...

Chocolate makes everything better! YAY!