Thursday, October 17, 2013

BYU Homecoming

We chose to attend BYU Homecoming. 
The Astronomy and Physics department hosted 
a dinner and an astronomy and physics demonstrations.

Clark Snelgrove is the demonstration coordinator.
He used magnets, liquid nitrogen, and a vacuum cannon.
One of the demonstrations showed how to light a bulb with a magnet.

If you look at Hurricane's face, he is figuring out how to make this work.
He watches carefully so he can recreate if he wants.

Underfoot takes a blown up balloon and puts it into a canister of liquid nitrogen.

As he gets the whole balloon into the liquid,
he started to giggle because the balloon shrunk..

When Clark Snelgrove pulled the balloon out,
it blew up on its own.

Clark Snelgrove asked that Underfoot use the magnet to see if the line would move.

When Underfoot ran the magnet,
he was thrilled with the result.

A Van de Graaff  was used to show static electricity.
Clark Snelgrove had to adjust the electric current 
because it kept shocking me in the leg to find a ground.

We watched a vacuum cannon shoot a manilla folder with a ping pong ball.
The ping pong ball got blown apart.
Harold Stokes has a youtube video to show what the demonstration was.
We got the souvenir of the manilla folder that the ping pong ball went though.

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