Friday, November 1, 2013


Halloween is always fun around here.
Our neighborhood is fun.
As a family we decided on costumes 24 hours before the day.
Rosie the Riveter, Thomas the Tank Engine, Cast Away Man, Mr. Incredible
Rosie took Thomas and Mr. Incredible trick-or-treating.
Cast Away sat in a blanket, read a book, and passed out candy.
When we returned, we went and visited friends who we like and wanted to say hello.
The evening was a success!

Mr. K-man and Hurricane are the best of plotters on a good day.
Stunts they've pulled include
climbing over the neighbor's fence without asking permission, 
"caring" for the chickens by egging them with their own eggs, 
and making play dates then following through with the play date without telling a parent.

They decided to dress the same for Halloween but didn't tell each other.
Or maybe they did but didn't tell a parent.

Here is our trick-or-treating group.
Kitty the Cat, Thomas, Mr. Incredible, Frankenstein, Thomas
They said thank you and walked most of the way.


Here are 2 pictures that I found recently.
This is Hurricane's Joy School class.

Close up of Rosie the Riveter.
Halloween Years Past

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Sue said...

Great Thomas costumes!