Thursday, July 18, 2013

Yellowstone Grand Canyon

The first stop on the itinerary was the
This is the end of hike...
It is good to see what size of group we are.
And this isn't all of us still......

 We hiked the southern rim.
Parents held on to children along the edge of the path.

T-Bone is pictured here with one of his favorite girls.
Goldilocks stayed closed to her boyfriend (a.k.a. her Dad.)

 Just to prove I participated and 
wasn't behind the camera the whole time.

CF and Sparky made a good team.
Sparky and CF helped each other down the trail.
Sparky likes gum.

Aunt M is married to T-Bone.
T-Bone named himself before a surgery.
After 4 children, multiple surgeries, multiple moves,
they are very passionate about each other. 

Mr. Nature loves his Mom A LOT!
She give him the opportunities to grow.
He'll still sit on her lap.

Auntie M let the children hold onto her backpack straps.
She pretended that she was a horse and the straps were reins.
Underfoot used his first aid kit he carried.
One of his cousin's slipped and fell.
She needed a band-aid.
Underfoot provided 1st aid for her.
I'm sure glad we went on all those hikes to prepare.

Sweetheart and Uncle A took a rest 
before we climbed down the steps to the Lower Falls.

We went down Uncle Tom's Trail.

The trail is a series of paved paths 
and a staircase of 328 stair one way.
All the planning and organization goes to Noodles.
She read.
She planned.
She traveled.
She created a tour guide.
She can tell you about Yellowstone.
Hip! Hip! Hooray!

As we would pass other hikers on the path,
they would say, 
"I don't envy you to have to carry them  up."
We didn't carry our boys one step of the way!
They conquered this hike with flying colors!

The falls are 308 feet.
To put that in perspective,
Niagara Falls are 167 feet.
So the falls are almost 2x the height.
The view is spectacular!

Here is the crew that hiked to the bottom. 
A nice lady from Poland took our picture.
She carried her own tripod in to take her picture.
We did the first part of the day!

We hiked out of the canyon for lunch.
The children still had energy and played!

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Cyndy said...

Looks like all the hikes were enjoyed and you did a wonderful job in preparing your boys for each hike. Lots of pictures to remember the memories!