Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Geyser Action

we biked into Lonestar Geyser.
The geyser goes off about every 3 hours.

Our group arrived just as the geyser started to blow.
The geyser erupted about 30 - 45 minutes.
Old Faithful is more consistent in its timing
but doesn't go as long.

Our family rented bikes with the boys pedaling behind.

We ate lunch then played in the river.

Catching wild animals seems to be a new tradition.
Last year we had Bob the Fish.
This year we had the snake.
I don't think it was named.

We returned on the bikes and headed to Old Faithful Geyser.

At Old Faithful, we listened to a Ranger presentation on animals,
ate ice cream at the lodge,
and watched the geyser explode.

As I waited for Sweetheart, I took a shot of myself.
It had been a long day.
We returned home to swim.
Others swam in the river.

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Cyndy said...

Go you...taking a picture of the snake! Really...go you!