Thursday, July 18, 2013

Grand Prismatic Pool

Day 2 dawned bright and early.
The first stop was the Grand Prismatic Pool 
at the Midway Geyser Basin.

The water from the pools comes into the river which heats the water.
The water is comfortable to play in.

Again T-bone and Miss C balance across the river.

 After crossing the bridge there isn't much.

It looks quite barren.
Bessa and Miss K are a lovely contrast for the environment.

This is one of the pools. The water reaches 160 degrees.
The steam is incredible.

Glasses fogged up quickly.
If he wanted to see where he was going,
he had to remove his glasses.

Moo, Mama J, and Gito pose.
Mama J was hoping I could get a picture of the vibrant color.
The steam prevented that shot but the family shot is totally worth it!

Here is a glimpse of the color.
The wind blew and cleared the fog for a moment.

Moo talked with Hurricane who is informing her about something fascinating.
Hurricane would talk and talk and talk to Moo.
She patiently listened to everything he said.
And it was everything!

Hurricane was determined to not stay on the walk.
He thought we were playing tag.
We were attempting to avoid the fee for stepping off the walk.

T-Bone poses with his ladies. 
Just around the corner the colors are amazing.

The reflection in the background is part of the color on the ground.
The colors go from very light turquoise to orange.

The only way to get a really good shot of the color is to hike the mountain behind the pool.
You can see the colors from the walkway.
My photography skills are the best at capturing what I saw.
My words are even poor at trying to describe the magic of the colors.

Moo has the brightest smile.
Her shirt has a lot of the colors we saw and in the same brilliance.

Here is the run off into the river.
The mineral deposits are in the water as it runs off.
The blues are in the heat, and the oranges are in the run off.


Cyndy said...

If there is a fine for stepping off...pretty sure we would have the same battle of staying on the bridge!

Sue said...

Family trips like this one make such great memories.