Friday, July 19, 2013

Bunsen Peak

Bunsen Peak is named after the same man 
who the Bunsen Burner was named.

 The trail is 2.1 miles long one way.
The ascent was hard with a 1,278 ft elevation change.
We trained to hike but weren't prepared for this.

Underfoot started to struggle once we got toward the top.
His Uncle Beck came by to offer to carry him to the top.
I asked him not to help Underfoot to the top 
because Underfoot needed to conquer the mountain on his own.

Hurricane started to cry as well. 
Since he was hiking with Dad, 
Sweetheart helped him get to the top.
He was glad to see his cousins at the top.

Once we reached the top,
Underfoot was SO PROUD of himself.
He kept saying that he made it.
I'm grateful to Uncle Beck to not help him.

Sweetheart was our rock.
He kept us going and was positive.
I was tired - physically and emotionally.
There was a lot of changes in the last 3 weeks.
Even with the excitement of the changes,
I was tired.
Our sons were blessed to have their Dad.

We made it to the top. 
Our descent was hard as well.
I had promised that I wouldn't carry our boys on any of the hikes.
Near the end, they needed to be carried a little.
The car was a welcome site.
We know we can do hard things.

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Cyndy said...

As hard as your climb, as high as you were, you have been and continue to be lifted even higher in prayer. Way to go all!