Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lily Pad Lake

The second hike of the day was to be shorter. 
It was. 
The hike continued down the rim of the Grand Canyon.
The edge seemed rather close at times for my running Hurricane.

The view at the end of the hike was well worth it!
The lake is covered with lily pads.
The idea was to come and wade in the water.
And some did.

Sweetheart was in his element.
He was with his family.
He was outdoors and doing what he liked.
He got to eat chocolate out of the trail mix.

Below is a picture story of a boy, the wilderness, and a rock.
Mr. Nature would have been content all day throw and looking for things.
Where is a good rock?

This one will be perfect!

Here's the wind up and.......

There it goes!

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