Thursday, June 27, 2013

Back to our Roots

We visited the home of my Grandpa.

Uncle Dean is pictured with us.

His brother, Uncle Dean, lives in the home now.
He and his siblings were born in the home.
My Grandpa was always proud to say he was 13 pounds.

My Grandpa is pictured here with his Mom, LaVerde, 
on the same front porch.

Here are the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th generations.
We came here as little children
and posed with our Grandpa.

Uncle Dean sounds like my Grandpa.
His mannerisms are like my Grandpa.

I wanted to remember the special bond
between Grandparents and grandchildren.

 Oliver, my great-Grandpa, was a hard worker.

The wheelbarrow is his. He taught his sons and daughter
 how to work 
most likely using this same wheelbarrow.
The front wheel is metal.

Grandpa Oliver was a carpenter.
He created a table saw before modern table saws.

My Dad was bathed in this sink as a little boy.
Miss Sunshine is about the same age as he was.

 The homestead was given to my Grandma LaVerde 
as a wedding gift from her parents.
Grandpa Oliver built the home and the additions to the home.
The home was on the edge of town until just a few years ago.
The town built up around them.
We loved being here and especially with Uncle Dean.

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